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The Single Mind

escortsWhenever we make our way into New York we seem to see a fair share of available women. Statistically there are 1.5 more women than men in NYC yet it was ranked the one of the worst cities in the USA to find a relationship.

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It seems that while most of the scientists and scholars from our company say that it is often too difficult to meet a person of the opposite sex when there are careers and outside interests that usually don’t include bar and club hoping on the weekends.

It takes more than an hour or two on the weekend to find, meet and screen whatever man or women might catch your eye and it just makes sense that hiring an escort from one of the escort agencies in NYC is a convenient way to get your needs met.

We caught up with a few of the ladies from one of the services and her opinion is “there are many high quality men that call our service. Most are either travelers or work a holics. In either case a relationship is very difficult to develop when you have very little time” we happen to agree with her and feel like she has a very valid point.

An escort in NYC on average costs about $500 per hour or $2500 for the entire night. For a man that makes mid six figures this is definitely something that is very attractive. A chance to spend time with a lady that is out of your league, hit the town and be seen around your neighborhood with a female of that caliber is priceless and worth every penny.

We think we might have stumbled upon a trend in economic sciences — if your time is very limited than procuring the services of a professional female escort makes a lot of sense.